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Avocado Angel Eggs

eggs, california, lemon juice, shallot, +garlic powder, +capers, +green pepper

Elegant Scrambled Eggs

white wine, eggs, lemon juice, shallot, +avocado, +butter, +chicken, +half and half, +mushroom, +black pepper, +salt

Eggs Benedict Recipe

eggs, lemon juice, white wine, +kosher salt, +egg yolks, +english muffin, +water, +white vinegar

Crab-Stuffed Deviled Eggs

eggs, lemon juice, shallot, +cayenne, +crabmeat, +mayonnaise, +hot sauce, +tarragon

Eggs Florentinesque

shallot, eggs, lemon juice, +butter, +spinach, +sour cream, +red pepper, +toast

Lemon Tarragon Stuffed Eggs

eggs, shallot, lemon juice, +mayonnaise, +dijon mustard, +lemon zest, +tarragon
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