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Chili Sauce Recipe

peach, onions, sugar, cinnamon, +tomato, +pear, +red pepper, +salt, +spices, +apple cider vinegar

Peach and Nectarine Sauce with Almonds

peach, sugar, cinnamon, almond, +nectarine, +water, +lemon juice, +southern comfort

Sweet Chili Sauce

onions, peach, cinnamon, sugar, +tomato, +pear, +salt, +red pepper, +celery, +green pepper, +vinegar, +cloves, +allspice

Fruit Chili Sauce

sugar, onions, peach, cinnamon, +apple, +green pepper, +tomato, +celery, +pear, +vinegar, +red pepper, +salt, +cloves
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