How to Cook Anything

Supreme Chicken

black pepper, chicken, mushroom, paprika, +butter, +cheddar cheese, +flour, +half and half, +lemon juice, +salt, +water

Easy Chicken and Rice

chicken, thyme, black pepper, +rice, +onions, +salt, +water

Chicken Rice Casserole

Campbell's® 15-Minute Chicken and Rice Dinner

black pepper, chicken, paprika, +broccoli, +rice, +vegetable oil, +water

15-minute Chicken And Rice Dinner Recipe

chicken, paprika, black pepper, +broccoli, +rice, +vegetable oil, +water

Curried Chicken And Rice Soup

chicken, thyme, black pepper, +rice, +chicken broth, +curry powder, +parsley, +garlic, +tomato
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