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Fried Rice With Bacon (Oriental Style)

carrot, frozen mixed vegetables, vegetable oil, +bacon, +chicken bouillon, +rice, +eggs, +green onion, +soy sauce, +milk, +garlic, +olive oil, +salt, +water

Fried Rice

vegetable oil, carrot, +rice, +chili powder, +eggs, +garlic, +onions, +salt, +turmeric

Tex-mex Rice

carrot, vegetable oil, +chicken broth, +corn, +garlic, +rice, +salsa

Fried Rice

carrot, vegetable oil, +eggs, +peas, +rice, +salt, +soy sauce

Easy Chinese Fried Rice Recipe

vegetable oil, carrot, +ham, +green onion, +salt, +olive oil, +rice, +eggs
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